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Get your hate out of the tags.

… but what are you even talking about?



We play the spurs in the first round

The Art of Frogging


Completely cracking up over this. If they can get Pop to frog I will die. 

Everyone needs to start taking pics of themselves frogging to post during the playoffs! 

That has been my wish since the whole frogging thing started. GET POP TO DO IT! lol “Manu does it the worst, he’s trying toooo hard…” bahahhahahhahaha
Round One! Spurs vs Mavericks


Looks like we’ll be seeing Dallas this Sunday at noon.

You guys smell that?!

It smells like the playoffs are finally here!!

Spurs all day! Drive for Five!!

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Not to mention beer is expensive at Oracle >___<

Hahahaha; that’s why I bring my own beer (JK).

Other than the Spurs & Dallas matchup, I’m looking forward to the Clippers & Warriors series. They absolutely hate each other which will make for a good game and my friend just happened to get me a ticket to game 3; so that will be real interesting. I still can’t stand the fans at Oracle Arena. They stand up for every little play, they never sit down so you can’t really see anything; they’re loud (not in a good way), & oh yeah if you go in Oracle wearing anything but a Warriors jersey, be prepared to get booed at. I still don’t think Warriors can win without Bogut, but we’ll see. The only way Warriors can win without Bogut is if Curry goes for 50….. in every game. lol

Spurs vs. Dallas

Hope Dallas enjoyed the regular season; because they’re about to have a short-lived post season lol.

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if youre on instagram look up pauliesatx. He is the guy who makes these. I think the ships :)

Thank you, I will! (:

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You can find the Ramones style Spurs shirt at Southtown 101.

Awwww man, I don’t live in Texas, do they ship? lol

Brace yourselves for the greatest photo you’ll see all year. We thought the frogging picture was great, but this is even better; WAY BETTER!!! Officially crowning this as the best selfies of the year, lol. Annd does my eyes deceive me.. or do I actually see Kawhi in this photo? bahahaha