Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan — San Antonio Spurs

Alley- whoops? LOL

I have not met him, but Tim is the guy that does everything right on the basketball court. I mean he’s not dunking from halfcourt or spinning around doing 360s. Fundamentally, he’s good as anyone who’s ever played the game.
Derek Jeter on Tim Duncan (via NY Times)

Anybody else watching this Spurs vs Wizards Summer League game? To double OT we go! If the Spurs win they head to the semifinals!

Could one make argument for the Spurs being nominated for Best Comeback and win it? What’s a better story than losing in the finals in such a devastating way, then a year later, grabbing the league’s best record, dominate through the playoffs and winning the championship from the same team that took it away the previous year? What’s a better comeback than that? NOTHING.

The Spurs lose Best Team to the Seattle Seahawks. Not going to lie, but I’m pretty darn bitter. 

Coach Pop wins The 2014 ESPYS for Best Coach/Manager. Coach Pop now has another door stopper to use. 

Did I really just get teary-eyed watching the Spurs’ championship montage during the opening of the ESPYS. Yupp…. I DID.

I know I’m a little late, but my friends saw Kawhi Leonard at a club a couple weeks back near La Jolla beach outside San Diego. They said he sat at the VIP section and it was totally closed off, surrounded by securities. A bunch of people tried to get a picture, but the security detail was not letting them. Yeah, totally not jealous they saw Whi-Whi.


Just in case you wanted to cry over the Spurs again, here’s a little something put together by Don Harris of WOAI just after the championship. I’m so glad it was posted on YouTube so I could share it with you all.

"Yes, San Antonio, your Spurs are champs once again—for a 5th time! And this is the sweetest one yet."